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Ted Staunton

School Visits And Workshops



            Ted is available for school visits of one to four sessions in a day, or Family Literacy Evenings.  He has differing presentations for various age / grade groupings, detailed below.  For Literacy evenings he has a mix of material (stories, show and tell, music) in shorter segments for a wider age range.

Ted strongly suggests that for school-day visits students be introduced to age-appropriate material from his books beforehand.  This allows him to do more than merely introduce his work.  Students also benefit from a prior chance to talk over the questions they might like to ask.

Ted is comfortable working with large groups (over one hundred students), as long as the grade range is not too broad and the space is adequate.

The school library is his preferred venue.  Primary/junior students should be seated on the floor.  If the gym is used, he suggests mats be put down.

Ted needs a table for his show and tell materials and an armless chair.

            Copies of Ted's books are available for sale and autographing.  This should be arranged with him beforehand.



Primary Grade Presentations

Primary sessions last forty-five minutes.  They include storytelling from Ted's picture books, a related movement / imagining activity incorporating music (Ted brings along his banjo and guitar), and a question and answer time in which he shows how the books were created, using lots of visual aids.


Junior / Intermediate / High School Presentations

Sessions last an hour.  There are two main subject options, both offering a more in-depth look at the creative process.

The first, about novels, is built around the theme "where stories come from and how they become books".  It begins with examples of how material from real life gets expanded and woven into characters and plots.  Then comes an imagining session in which the students make suggestions about how a suggested anecdote could be used. Question and answer time is longer, often followed by some audience-participation music that relates back to the material.

The second is a behind-the-scenes look at picture books: how words and pictures combine, how the story must appeal to more than young children, standards of format, length and design, writing tips, and planning techniques. Senior grade students attempting their own work often find this valuable.    


Fees and Booking (all fees plus 7% GST)

Family Literacy Evening (multiple brief presentations and sales/autographing session): $350

Daytime visits:

Single Session, $250

Half day (two sessions) $500;

Full day (three sessions), $600; four sessions, $675.

For bookings, contact Ted by phone (905) 885-0517 or fax (905) 885-7242.  

Full Contact Information


Ted is also available for writing workshops with students or staff and has two workshop series for students, Creating Picture Books, and Creating Novels.