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Ted Staunton



Taking Care of Crumley, Miss Fishley Afloat, Puddleman, Simon's Surprise

 Picture Books

Puddleman, Kids Can Press, 1983; 1988;

New edition, Red Deer Press, 1999

Taking Care of Crumley, Kids Can Press, 1984

Simon's Surprise, Kids Can Press, 1986

Miss Fishley Afloat, Kids Can Press, 1990

Anna Takes Charge, Bramalea Centres, 1993


Sounding Off, Hope Springs A Leak

Sounding Off    Red Deer Press, 2004

            Follow Hope Springs' own Sam Foster through the very public trials and tribulations of Grade Nine - where you want to be famous and utterly invisible at the same time - in this touching and funny story of small town teens.


Hope Springs A Leak    Red Deer Press, 1998

            Sam Foster is hopelessly in love with his Grade Six teacher. But how can he hope to stand out when the whole town of Hope Springs is filled with eccentrics?

            A CCBC Our Choice title; nominated for the Silver Birch and Hackmatack awards.



The Monkey Mountain series   Red Deer Press

            The concerns of the very different kids in Room Nine overlap even more than they realize as each book in the series looks at their lives through the eyes of a different character.  Sometimes joyous, sometimes moving, these novels of school, friendship and family are filled with humour tempered by real life. Strong as stand-alones, the stories take on added depth when read in sequence.



Morgan Makes Magic,Morgan and the Money, Morgan's Birthday, Morgan's Pet Plot, Morgan Makes A Splash

The Morgan series   Formac Publishing

            Morgan eats too much, talks too much - and likes too much.  Whether fibbing to make friends, struggling to keep a secret, floundering on the soccer field, or losing his shorts over swimming lessons Morgan keeps on trying.  And, because - or maybe in spite of - his best efforts, what might almost be a friendship evolves under the smudgy glare of his nemesis, Aldeen Hummel, the Godzilla of Grade Three.  Fast-paced, funny stories for readers just beginning chapter books.

The Morgan Series, Formac Publishing:

Morgan Makes Magic, 1997  Morgan and The Money, 1998

Morgan's Secret,1999   Great Play, Morgan, 2001

Morgan's Birthday, 2002 Morgan's Pet Plot, 2003

Morgan Makes A Splash, 2004  



Maggie & Me,Greenapple Street Blues,Mushmouth & Marvel,Great Minds Think Alike,Taking the Long Way..

The Maggie and Cyril series  originally Kids Can Press; now Ted Staunton 

            "Cyril, I've got a plan."  Maggie, the brash, self-proclaimed Greenapple Street Genius is always happy to help mild-mannered Cyril with his problems - as long as he does everything she says. Follow them both as they grow and help each other through the middle grades in school and life.




The Dreadful Truth: Confederation, Formac 2004

            Humour and Canadian history rarely turn up in the same sentence - except here.  A witty and incisive summary of how we came to be, perfect for Grades 7&8 readers who often think "past" means "dull". Fall 2004

Contributor to:

Writers On Writing, David Booth, ed., Overlea House, 1989

Everybody's Favourites: Canadians Talk About Books That Changed Their Lives, Arlene Perly Rae, ed., Viking, 1997



I999 Silver Birch Award short list; Hope Springs A Leak

2000 Hackmatack Award short list; Hope Springs A Leak

 selected nominee, CLA Outstanding Children's Book of the Year; Two False Moves

Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice awards for many of the above


Professional Affiliations

The Writers' Union of Canada; CANSCAIP; SOCAN